Best School Trip, Ever!

Picture Credit: Spencer GriffithsYour Life Best School Trips are not your average school trip!

We are looking for exciting and dynamic companies to help us tackle the current UK STEM skills crisis by offering students a memorable ‘money-can’t-buy’ experience to highlight the wealth of careers that are available to those with Maths and Science skills.

UK STEM skills crisis

  • Thousands of STEM roles across the UK are lying vacant
  • Yet fewer than 1 in 7 students are choosing STEM subjects at A Level or equivalent
  • We need to EXCITE the next generation of employees about STEM careers


This year we have been awarded a grant by the Careers and Enterprise Company to run Best School Trips in specific areas across England so if you’re an employer in one of the following areas.

·       Liverpool ·       North East
·       Manchester ·       Tees Valley
·       London ·       Black Country



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  • YourLife L'Oreal Beth Tweedle-1701Industry-led, Government-supported campaign, Your Life has launched the Best School Trip, Ever! initiative to help hundreds of businesses across the UK to open their doors and offer inspirational trips to young people – FREE FOR BUSINESSES AND SCHOOLS!
  • Join Best School Trip, Ever! hosts like L’Oréal, Johnson & Johnson and Airbus to work with us to engage local students and their teachers. Best School Trips, Ever! aim to transform attitudes to STEM careers by showcasing the exciting futures available if students choose to study Maths and Physics
  • Best School Trips, Ever! are designed and delivered by specialists, MyKindaFuture, to offer young people first-hand experience of the STEM career possibilities available in their local area and to offer businesses the chance to engage with their future workforce
  • Best School Trips, Ever! are ‘resource-light’ for host companies. MyKindaFuture manages the process from start to finish!


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Research from Best School Trips, Ever! in 2015 shows:

  • 55% of young people want to receive inspiration and face-to-face career guidance directly from companies
  • Over two thirds of teachers think having face-to-face opportunities with employees is the most beneficial way for their students to receive employment advice

Best School Trips, Ever! offer students the opportunity to see first-hand the incredible companies they could join and the amazing careers available through studying STEM. Your Life will work alongside businesses to ensure every Best School Trip, Ever! is tailored to represent each business in the most exciting and positive way for students and teachers.





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